Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm starting a new broadcast!

In addition to my ongoing weekly of experimental, improv, and avant-garde music at WDBX-FM, I've recently been allowed to create a second weekly program at WSIU-FM!

I'll be focusing on more electroacoustic works, ensemble/solo improvisations, and sound art-- so if you have something you want me to hear, get in touch!

Needless to say, I'm very excited about the entire process, and about the opportunity to greatly expand my listenership. I've been told that WSIU is heard throughout the lower third of Illinois, and also in parts of Indiana and Missouri. Naturally, we're online as well.

Dan will recall our avian "guests" during his last live session in Southern Illinois, no doubt... which is why I'm also pretty enthused that WSIU have a lovely little studio for us to record some proper in-studio sets. Are you planning to pass through Southern Illinois? Let me know!

In the meantime, fill my mailbox. I've got two shows to feed!

WSIU-FM, c/o Dave Armstrong
Communications Building 1003, Mail Code 6602
SIUC, 1100 Lincoln Dr.
Carbondale, IL 62901 USA

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